Sombra de ojos mono EVELINE Cosmetics. Color de tono natural - $199

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  • 21 septiembre, 2:19 PM
  • Miramar (Playa)
  • Aseo / Perfumería

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Eyeshadows collection is based on exceptional technology of fine grinding what makes eyeshadow durable and handy in application. They perfectly stick to the eyelid and stay there for many hours.
Specially matched formula containing micro particles allows the colours to pass on the eyelid.

12 perfectly matched colours from classic shades to pastel colours.

Nr 21 Crystal White
Nr 22 Silky Beige
Nr 23 Elegant Beige
Nr 24 Cashmere Brown
Nr 25 Charming Violet
Nr 26 Lagoon Blue
Nr 27 Silver Sparkle
Nr 28 Matt Black
Nr 29 Light Lilac
Nr 30 Delicious Apple
Nr 31 Apricot Twist
Nr 32 Fresh Pink

  • Precio: $199